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What can you expect from us?

DDoS Protection

No matter if you're a small or large business or a blogger, DDoS protection is a must, that's why we provide all our clients with powerful DDoS protection to filter out all the bad traffic!

Access Day & Night

No matter the where you are or the time of day, you have access to your services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The internet does not have borders!

Support On Hand

We love to see business & freelancers grow. No matter you're the size of your business we're always on hand to help you fix problems that may occur on a day to day basis.

Quick Deployment

In today's world we work fast, so should server deployment. That's why all of our services will have a turn around within an hour for dedicated and under 5 mins for VPS & Website Hosting!

What our clients are saying?

Teesdale and Cleveland Area Quaker Meeting Website Group

I want to record that I have had a very fruitful and helpful working relationship with you as Vybrus Holdings. Our need was for a custom-made basic website to provide information to people wanting to know about Quaker Meetings in the Tees Valley area. We have worked together productively for 18 months. I have always found you easy to work with, helpful, inventive, and creative. You produced a very nice website for us which was easy to access and attractive to look at.

Michael Wright: Convenor

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We use it as a basis on how to measure our performance as a team and a company.